The 6 Reasons PPC Became so Popular During Lockdown

By James Warwick, 11 August 2020

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Let’s face it, coronavirus pretty much obliterated most of the business world as we knew it.

Overcoming adversity has quickly become the ‘new normal’ and PPC marketing has been playing an important role in helping businesses learn new ways to prosper in tough times.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the ways that PPC marketing has been fitting in to the sales and marketing processes of various business types and will continue to help businesses adapt through the years and decades that lie ahead.

Whilst this post and the observations were written from post-analysis of the UK coronavirus lock down, the principles will remain true for years to come and underline the ethos that adaptability is a most important characteristics for success in today’s business world.

UK Lockdown: Overcoming the hurdles with PPC Advertising

The UK lock down led to possibly the greatest shakeup of global markets in modern history. Some sectors temporarily vanished overnight. Others rocketed as market demand and dominance saw them perfectly places to capitalise.

Whichever market you chose, the lessons rang true; many businesses were having to scrap to survive and find new ways to reach and entice their customers.

The most immediate and noticeable shift was the move away from the high street and onto devices. Online demand boomed. And with it, so did the demand for online advertising.

Industries that benefited most from COVID

Cloud Computing
Video conferencing
Electronic payments
Entertainment streaming and gaming
Logistics / Online delivery

The 6 reasons PPC advertising became so popular during lockdown

1/ Speed to set up and deploy

With a Google Ads account taking 5 minutes to set up and a campaign being live within a couple of hours, Google Ads quickly became a popular lifeline for many businesses needing a fast influx of revenue.

Many businesses that had previously been thinking about advertising online were now forcing their hand. And with 90% of the UK population stuck at home on their devices, it was a pretty good time to start.

2/ Flexibility

Google Ads campaigns can be started, paused, minimised or maximised with pretty simple ease. Whilst it’s not always recommended to tamper with a campaign once it’s up, it can be done if the businesses needs.

This flexibility was a very popular feature for many businesses facing very uncertain times.

3/ Measurability

Every impression, click, call and sale can be tracked with pin-point accuracy. Meaning advertisers can know with pretty good certainty what bang their online advertising buck is generating. A great feature for businesses owners who love detail.

4/ Value for Money

By targeting ads towards customers when they’re searching for products and services on Google, it’s possible to cut out a lot of the wasted spend. Which means in turn, the acquisition costs for leads or sales generated through Google Ads can usually be very attractive.

Don’t get me wrong; Google Ads is effectively a closed bids auction, meaning the more competitive sectors can be quite expensive for clicks. But those competition levels will follow through to all other channels of advertising. Meaning the principle that Google Search advertising will almost always be cheaper per sale than other forms of advertising still rings true.

Google played a pretty awesome PR stunt during the coronavirus lock down, helping businesses that had previously advertised on Google with click credit coupons up to £250. This was a rather shrewd commercial move by Google, helping to draw in more advertisers during the crisis and and push up the bids/CPC’s in auctions. But nonetheless, us and our clients were pleased to receive credits up to £250 on our campaigns.

5/ No Human Contact Required

From consultation to brief to campaign management and reporting. Everything can be done very effectively through online communication tools. Making Google Ads one of the most compatible forms of advertising with the time, money and social-distancing requirements of businesses today.

6/ Low Commitment

We see our role at Proven Concept to help businesses through these times and it would be pretty prohibitive to lock customers straight into long contracts. Which is why we do things a little more considerately.

Our campaigns begin with a 30 day pilot, to help our customer experience the benefits of Google Ads to their business. Should they wish to continue thereafter, we try to offer a rolling agreement with rolling notice period that’s right for their business and ours.

Here to help

I hope the above article has been useful to any business considering the benefits of PPC or Google Ads for their customer acquisition.

If there’s anything I’ve missed or if you have any questions, please get in touch and I’ll be delighted to assist. I can be reached on my direct email at

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