What is Lead Generation?

By James Warwick, 09 March 2020

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If you work in business then this is a phrase which will pop-up quite often. But what does it actually mean?

The truth is it can mean different things to different people. In this blog post, we shall open up the can of worms and discover the slightly elusive definition.

First Of All…What Is A Lead? A lead (at least in marketing) is anyone who has either previously expressed their interest in your products or services or is a potential prospect that fits into your ideal demographic. A Lead can be generated in several different ways. A few common examples would include a website sign-up, through word of mouth, or a phone call. But how about if you are unable to get many people to sign-up to your website or perhaps the sort of product or service you offer isn’t the type of thing people just recommend or talk about? Well, that’s where databases come in…

So, A Database Then

A database is a very sort after product in the marketing world. Being able to find a list of well-matched contacts can push lead generation through the roof. If you have a list of 1,000 people that line up with your demographic, then the chances of creating customers from that are very high. In fact here at Proven Concept, we’re a lead generation agency with a passion for bringing success to our customers. We’re industry leaders at generating opportunities, inquiries, and appointments that lead to profitable outcomes. Our process is all about producing effective databases for our clients.

Why Is It Important?

Getting leads can be a real struggle sometimes. A lot of salespeople often feel like they may have reached the limit of potential companies and clients to sell their products or services. This, of course, is not true and lead generation is an extremely effective solution to the problem. Make sure you are targeting the right type of people with help from lead generation.

Businesses are sometimes dependent on lead generation nowadays as it enables them to generate more traffic which may lead to further conversions. This results in an increase in customers helping businesses rake in huge profits in the process. If you want to learn more about how you can get hands-on an effective database then feel free to get in touch with us!

Other Ways to Gather Leads?

Obtain qualified-leads by exploiting high-quality content and targeting your demographic:

Inbound marketing: Blogging, social media posts, SEO on-page optimisation, premium content (eBooks, infographics, videos, webinars), calls-to-action, landing pages

Demand generation:  Paid search (PPC), social media ads, native ads, email marketing, direct mail, print ads, media ads, networking

What Should You Do With Leads?

Just because you have now got a whole bunch of leads, that doesn’t mean you’ve done the hard part. The sales team in your business needs to quickly evaluate the qualified leads and reach out to them as soon as possible. Lead intelligence will help team members develop a strategy for engaging with their prospects, gain their interest and trust, and build a relationship that ends in a closed sale. This process is imperative to turn all the hard work of generating leads to profit!

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James joined Proven Concept in 2019 following a successful period as a trained journalist with the BBC and a marketer with The Goodwood Festival. His previous experience has equipped him with industry-leading creative and copywriting skills which sets him apart in managing effective and profitable client accounts. A self-confessed weather geek, James also created and manages a social media brand @UKWeatherLive, actively updating and engaging 15k followers online.